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Ava Hansen is a natural born telepathic healer who works with angels to heal anyone’s dysfunction in their body. She’s had almost 30 years experience helping those with sickness, disease and emotional trauma. She brings the body, mind and soul back into balance so that the person receiving the healing work can move forward on their journey without a lot of physical pain or mental distress.

Ava has helped complicated situations such as neurological disorders, neuropathy, spinal problems, brain balancing, memory loss, migraines, torn ligaments, hip replacements, colon troubles, organ problems, heals the meridians eliminating chiropractors and physical therapy. She’s helped people before they should have surgery, and people who have just had surgery. There is nothing she cannot help. The angels and guides we have are right there doing the healing with her. Her communication skills are fine-tuned.

She is a speaker, mentor, and life purpose coach who has the mission of healing and teaching others why they are here & spread the word about how the Universe really works. 

Her entertaining YouTubes and Workshops are all coming soon. It will open your eyes to what is REALLY going on. Don’t miss it and have your friends participate with you.

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